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Whether your color story is soft and romantic or vibrant and energetic, custom lighting enhances your wedding experience and photography.

Dance Floor LightingUplightingDesigner LightingSparklers
Dance LightingDance Floor Lighting

Focuses attention and creates positive atmospheres, from romantic to energetic, where the action is! Our contemporary lighting is sleek, works synergistically with the music, and looks terrific (no disco ball or polka dots here). The best part is it’s included with our compliments.

If you’re looking to add an extra special touch, consider some of our other lighting options…add layers of color, character, and charm (or make your party pop!)

uplightingUplightingOne of our favorite technological developments during the course of our career. Also one of the most cost effective ways to dramatically transform your reception space! There are many options to choose from…Emphasize your sweetheart’s table, head table, cake table, gift table, the unique architectural features of the room, or make your entire ballroom glow with this perimeter lighting. A little lighting can go a long way, so we’ll customize the lighting to give you exactly what you’re looking for. No more. No less. We’ll also color customize to compliment your wedding decor
Designer lightingLooking to really bring the “Wow” factor? We can project lighted patterns onto walls, ceilings or the dance floor to create an incredibly dramatic effect. Snowflakes for a winter wonderland feel, branches for an enchanted forest ambiance, and much, much more.

Or add a special personal touch by projecting your custom monogram on the dance floor or walls. Want to make a grand, Hollywood entrance?

A follow spot light gives your event a red carpet, black tie, Oscars night kind of feel. All eyes will be on you!

SparklersAnd they lived happily ever after….