“Party in the Sky” continued….

Our last post told you a little about Brandis & Dan’s wedding reception at Sky Armory. This photo was snapped as we started the seventh hour of the party…yes….7th!

There were personal touches… musical and otherwise, too numerous to discuss in detail here (seriously- there were a LOT, and you eventually have to get back to whatever you are supposed to be doing right now, rather than reading this blog, right?). Before you go, here’s the quick “wedding at a glance”:

Wedding Party Introduction Song: “Timber” (Ke$ha, music only, no lyrics)

Newlyweds’ Introduction Song: “Tik-Tok” (Ke$ha, and yes, the bride loves Ke$ha!)

First Dance (with surprise choreography!): “I Choose You” (Sarah Bareilles)

Cake Cutting: “Moondance” (Michael Buble)

Surprise Song: The Father of the Bride and a group of guests re-wrote the words to the song “Brandy”. We provided the background music while they serenaded the newlyweds. Awesome!

Father-Daughter Dance: “Daddy Dance with Me” (Krystal Keith)

Mother-Son Dance (with more surprise choreography!): “Feeling Good” (Michael Buble, short version)

Unusual songs that were HUGE hits because of the special meaning behind them for Brandis, Dan & their friends: “Black Betty” (Ram Jam), “Minnie the Moocher” (Cab Calloway)

Congratulations once more to Mr. & Mrs. Turner, and thank you for choosing Ormond Entertainment! “And they lived happily ever after…”


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