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Your wedding rehearsal dinner might just be the most fun you have…. until your wedding reception the next day!

Your wedding rehearsal is the start of all your wedding festivities, and is an opportunity to get everyone interested, involved and inspired. Let Ormond help make it an event to remember.

Rehearsal presentations are tied to the personalities and personal ties that mean the most to you. From soirees to the backyard BBQ, we’ve got lots of ideas for rehearsal dinner themes and events, giving you the floor to honor special people in your lives.

Ceremony RehearsalRehearsal DinnerRehearsal Fun!
rehearsalIs your celebrant unable to attend the rehearsal? Do you have a large wedding party? Would you just like to enjoy your friends, family and the experience, rather than run it?

Ormond will gladly facilitate your rehearsal, making it completely organized and stress free, with a splash of fun included. If any adjustments need to be made during the rehearsal, we’ll make sure everyone involved in your ceremony is aware of the last minute changes

Meet and GreetAlso known as the “Meet and Greet”.

Sometimes your wedding party and special guests all know each other. Sometimes they don’t. Your customized Ormond Entertainment Rehearsal dinner creates a relaxed and fun evening giving guests a chance to reconnect, or meet for the first time. All of which leads to an even better wedding day for everyone (even us!).

We’ll assist with:
Toe-tapping music as guests arrive for cocktails, followed by music for dinner (all of which will be different from what you’ll hear the next day).

Introductions, toasts, the presentation of wedding party gifts or special surprises, and other rehearsal dinner formalities that honor those extra special people in your lives.

Communication: We’ll make sure everyone knows the “wedding day game plan” and we’ll answer any questions anyone may have. Then, if you’d like, you can have us include some serious rehearsal fun!

reshearsalThis is where we roll up our sleeves and share some major laughs.

Options include:
The Newlywed Game: Just how well do you and your fiancé know each other anyway? Harmless & hysterical all at the same time.

The Wedding Party Challenge: Will “Team Bride” or “Team Groom” prevail?

Karaoke: Serenade your sweetheart, host “Wedding Weekend Idol”, or sing your fuzzy little hearts out just for the fun of it. We have 15,000+ songs to choose from (and an applause sign, too!)